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Polka Dot Whimsical Pillows

23 Oct
I took a short break from my burlap obsession to make some polka dot pillows. It was so fun making the Keep Calm Have a Cupcake pillow — I came up with a few new ones. So whimsical and funny – I am cracking myself up.
I am a little addicted to polka dots too. I think they look cute with my black and tan theme in my kitchen. I am still working on my kitchen redo. I hope to have it ready for Kimba’s DIY day on Tuesday.

Here are some other sayings that I am going to make up into pillows:

Also, I have a really fun burlap project to share with you tomorrow for my Creative Fridays! I can’t wait!

Have a Super Duper Day!

Fun with Phoebe

14 Aug

We have been having a wonderful time with our friend Phoebe from Vermont. When she got here we made up a list of things we wanted to do:

  • See Julie and Julia — check
  • Make muffins — check
  • Go to the Planetarium — check
  • Ride the light rail — check
  • Have a barbecue — check
  • Shopping — check
  • Make a cake — check
  • Go up the canyon — check
  • Make omelets like Julia — check
  • Go to the Dinosaur Museum — check

And we had to add another item to the list — one of the great treats on a hot August night: mini golf and gelato!And cooking the Julia way:

Phoebe goes home tomorrow. Thanks for coming to visit — we loved having you!

Fourth of July: Food, Family, Fun and Festivities!

6 Jul

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Things we ♥♥♥ about Idaho

26 May

I hope you had a nice Memorial Day weekend!