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My Biggest Summer Project checked off the list: Garage Redo

17 Aug

Sorry I haven’t been posting very much the past few weeks. We have had house guests, but also, I have been in the midst of a garage meltdown.

Do you have a place where you stash all of your crap? A place that people seldom see– where you can throw your old clothes, art junk, cardboard boxes, school projects, oozing cans of paint, rusty tools and cast-offs? (And, see that buckets? A zillion pair of shoes!)
Well for me, my garage was that place. Half the year it’s too cold to be in for much of the time. The other half it is a stifling oven with no air.


So this summer I decided that enough was enough. After 7 years of living in this house, my garage was overrun with who knows what. It felt like an impossible project.
The first thing we had to do was clean the entire place out. That in itself was a huge feat. I ended up throwing away countless trash bags of junk, 27 bags to DI (which is like Goodwill).
Once the entire thing was cleaned out we painted the floor! We used an epoxy paint which makes the floor super durable and shiny. Then while the paint was still wet, we threw millions of little plastic confetti over the entire thing to cover imperfections and make it so we don;t break our necks when it gets wet.
Then we bought a bunch of white cabinets. We ended up putting them together in the dark in our front yard in the middle of the night one night in July. I was surprised to find out that they looked pretty good the next day.
So now I have a place to hang up all of those winter coats, boots, sports equipment, and an entire cabinet to store summer things like beach towels, sunblock, pool toys and beach bags.

Then when I was practically done, I read a post by Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick where she painted her garage door and added vinyl. So I copied it, yes I did.

I even have a place for the shoes that used to be in a big bucket by the door!I think it turned out pretty well. I also put a little message center near the back door. So when the kids are heading out for school they can leave themselves a reminder note for the next day.
I made a chalkboard out of an old poster frame, and screwed on a plastic soap container underneath to hold the chalk. I also have a basket by the door so people can put things in there that need to be taken in the house.
Now, instead of keeping my head down as I go from my car to the house, I actually want to look around and enjoy the clean, organized space that my garage has become.

I even have a place for the giant ladder.Hope you have a Wonderful Monday!