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Getting Motivated and a winner

10 Jan
How was your first week of 2010? I know I wasn’t ready to get back into the regular routine! I was really dragging at the beginning of the week. I told myself that I wasn’t going to make any resolutions this year so I wouldn’t be disappointed in myself when I broke them in February. But then I asked you guys what you were working on this year and that all changed…

There were so many wonderful, inspiring answers to that simple question! I decided to write down some of them to share. (the words in the parenthesis are my thoughts…)

  • My #1 goal is to take a moment each day, and photograph it. Whether it be the pile of laundry, my kids watching cartoons, playing outside or homework time at the kitchen table. I want a daily journal of what our family is like day by day..(I am working on this too!)
  •  I am not going to try to get my 20 something body back and learn to be happy with what I have. (yes!)
    I am not going to worry so much about how clean my house is but rather enjoy playing with the kids and making it messy with fun.  (such great advice!)
  •  Last year I challenged myself to read 100 books. I made it to 92. So I made the same goal this year and hope to reach it. (good goal!)
  •  my goal is not to gain OR loose weight. that way i can wear all the cute clothes that fit right this minute! (love the thought of being happy right now!)
  •  My main goal is to read more books about parenting, take the things I learn, and apply them to our lives… so I can be the best parent that I can. (let me know what you learn!)
  •  My goal is to finally love my home. We have lived here for three years and I always had the thought that we would move so why bother making it everything it can be. (being happy right now!)
  •  My goal is to be more resourceful in EVERYTHING, from baby things to crafting to time management to household finances. (really need to work on this one…)
  •  I want to appreciate and enjoy being a wife and mother everyday, and realize how blessed I am to have a family. (don’t take anything for granted.)
  •  One of my goals this year is to make every day matter in some small way. (really want to incorporate this.)
  •  One of my resolutions? Not to be so “type A” about my home and hanging with my kids more… (who’s going to remember a clean house in 10 years vs. memories)
  •  my goal is NO SODA! (I don’t know if I could do this, but wish I could!)
  •  one of my many goals is to start a weekly gratitude journal called 52 blessings to show all the good things in my life. (great idea!)
  •  My biggest goal this year is to watch for opportunities to do good. (love it, family goal)
  •  My goal for the year is more patience–with my kids, my husband, and most importantly my self. (hard one for me, try to work on.)
  •  One of my goals: Lose weight &have a baby! (getting in shape, exercising very popular ones and so important)
  •  Our goal is to give service as a family once a month through the year. (really want to do this one with the family)
  •  My goal for the year: to be more OVERJOYED than overwhelmed in the year(s) to come. (love this, so important!)
  •  For 2010, I would like to be more motivated and organized. (yes, need help with this!)
  •  They are beautiful. 
  • One of my goals for this year is to read the whole Bible in 90 days. (wow – amazing!)
  •   My big goal this year is to have a menu made and eat more homemade meals!!! (definitely need to work on this one!)
  •  One of my goals this year is to not compare myself to others. (great and so hard to do!)
  •  My goal for this year is more peace. To be more centered and calm in everything in my life. (keep calm!)
  •  One of my goals: to collect opportunities and not possessions. (might be the word of the year: opportunities)
  •   One of my goals for this year is to take more pictures! Of my kids, of our activities, everything! (trying to do more of this, and learn Photoshop)
 I wish I could list them all because they were all so wonderful! And after reading each of them I thought — yes, I want to do that too, and that one, and that one…. And I found that as the week progressed, I felt more and more motivated! Thank you so much! I wish I could give a watch to each of you!!!
I used the random number generator,

and it gave me

So congratulations Jennifer from Where The Heart Is! And, if you want to make an adjustable band watch, they are really easy and fun to make. I have a tutorial on how to make them HERE.
And, thanks to you, I feel ready to take on 2010. I am full of energy and ideas. So stay tuned this week,

  • We will have a Wardrobe Refashion project, 
  • a couple Valentine’s decorating ideas
  • I even did a major closet overhaul 
  • Which is resulting in a Bedroom Makeover
  • And another Family Rules canvas idea.
Have a Beautiful Sunday!
Thanks for being such great bloggy friends!