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Happy Birthday to My Dad

14 Sep

We love you and miss you!

What About Bob — and I’ve fallen into a black hole!

21 Apr

A few months ago I wrote about how Hannah hates school. She makes up phantom ailments, outlandish excuses and pitiful pleading to get out of going. A few months ago, my father-in-law started coming over when Jeff is out of town and walking Hannah to school. She is so much happier to go when she knows he is coming over.


She found out that her grandpa’s middle name is Robert, so she started calling him “Bob”. Well, grandpa knows her middle name is Katherine and so now he calls her “Kate”.

In the morning she asks me “Is Bob coming over this morning?”
And if he is, there are no mysterious ailments.
Today is Grandpa’s birthday

Happy Birthday “Bob”!!!
And, you may have noticed that I haven’t been commenting or updating as fast as I usually do, it’s because I have been sucked into a black hole that is called:
Deep Leap.

It is SERIOUSLY the most addicting game.
Kind of like boggle.
Don’t go over and check it out because you will never escape.
Jeff told me about it on Friday afternoon.
I think I spent about 4 hours playing it on Friday night
and 5 hours playing it on Saturday night.
I just can’t stop!

I think I may need Deep Leap rehab!!!
Have a Terrific Tuesday!


Birthday Balloons

14 Sep

Happy Birthday Dad! Today we celebrate your life and remember all of the wonderful times we had together. Some of the things I am remembering today are:

  • Long car trips across the country in our old station wagon playing barbies in the back
  • You pushing the old metal lawn mower on Benjamin Avenue
  • Going to visit your work with you at UpJohn Co.
  • The little chicks and bunnies you brought home to us from work
  • Backpacking in the mountains
  • Fishing in Arnold
  • Your wonderful, huge pumpkins that you loved to grow
  • Spending hours at the kitchen table while you explained complicated math to me
  • Taking long, Sunday afternoon car trips around the Amish country
  • Raking huge piles of leaves on Midvale Terrace and then jumping in them with you
  • Playing board games up at the cabin
  • Doing last-minute Christmas shopping with you on Christmas Eve
  • Going for long hikes up in the woods by your Alamo house
  • Going skiing with you in Kalamazoo and accidentally hitting a deer on the way home
  • Getting advice from you when I had to make a hard decision
  • Driving lessons on the freeway in New York
  • Christmas morning in Connecticut
  • Swimming in the pool with you in Saratoga
  • Seeing you wrestle with the grandkids
  • Snorkeling in the ocean
  • Camping out with the kids in your backyard in the big canvas tent
  • Your unconditional support and love.

We miss you Dad and you will forever be in our hearts.