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Hannah’s Home!

4 Aug

Hannah has been visiting Wenderful’s farm in Idaho for almost TWO weeks! I have missed her so much. The longest she has ever been away from home (until now) has been overnight at her Grandma’s house. She gets invited to “sleep over” parties and asks to come home at 10 because she wants to sleep in her own bed. So going away for this long, for her, has been HUGE.

She and Trixie, our King Charles Spaniel are best buddies. Trixie has cried every day that Hannah has been gone. And when Hannah would call each night she would ask me to put the phone up to Trixie’s ear so she could talk to her.While she was in Idaho, Hannah made friends with “slobbermouth” a calf that grazes in my sister’s backyard. {photo by Wenderful}
They became fast friends. Hannah would love slobbermouth to come and live at our house! I had to explain that our yard is not nearly big enough for a cow and I don’t think the neighbors would appreciate that scenario.{photo by Wenderful}
So happy you’re home Sweet Hannah!

PS – My Favorite Things Blogoversary giveaway ends tonight at midnight. Thanks to everyone who came by to say hi! There is still time to enter!

Childhood Flashback

13 May
There’s something about being on a schoolbus that brings back vivid childhood memories for me. Maybe it’s the smell – a mixture of old PB&J’s and bananas. Or the sites – sitting up high you have a different vantage point. Or the feeling – being squashed in with about 100 other hot, sweaty bodies while bouncing around. Or the sound – of a hundred kids talking and laughing. Some of my best childhood memories were on a bus: whispering secrets with my best friend Kristin in 3rd grade; and worst: having a group of 8th grade boys make fun of me on the way home from junior high.So when Hannah said she wanted me to come on a field trip last week, I jumped at the chance to spend time with her, explore nature and ride around on a big, yellow bus.What brings back childhood memories for you?
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Paris Room: Reveal

29 Apr

Welcome everyone from Kelly’s Corner. I am excited to link up for Where You Live Friday. This is my daughter Hannah’s room that I redid for her birthday. She wanted to theme to be Paris.
Here are some before pictures:

And after:


{we replaced the ugly ceiling fan with a cute chandelier}
{I hung a curtain rod over her bed with sheer panels and used shower curtain rings from Target to add a little sparkle}
{sorry for the blurriness – there is an uplight behind the bed for a little nighttime glow}
{I framed some chandelier pictures around the Eiffel Tower}

{I put hung wrapping paper behind the shelves to give it some interest}
{Here are the collages I made}
{She received a black, metal Eiffel Tower wall hanging that is going to go over the dresser}
Happy Birthday Sweet Hannah!!!
Hope you are having a happy Day!

Creative Fridays: ooh la la!!

24 Apr

Hannah is turning 10 next week. I can’t believe it!!! She has decided that instead of a friend party she would like to re-do her room. She has always been a fan of fashion and Paris. So she wants to a Paris theme for her bedroom.

These are some pictures I am using as inspiration for her room:

This is a project I am making to give her for her birthday. Paris collages. I am going to decoupage them (a set of three) on canvas and then embellish the tops with flowers, ribbon and glitter. I think it is going to be fun in her new room!

I will post pictures of them when they are finished.
Have a Fantastic Friday!!!

What About Bob — and I’ve fallen into a black hole!

21 Apr

A few months ago I wrote about how Hannah hates school. She makes up phantom ailments, outlandish excuses and pitiful pleading to get out of going. A few months ago, my father-in-law started coming over when Jeff is out of town and walking Hannah to school. She is so much happier to go when she knows he is coming over.


She found out that her grandpa’s middle name is Robert, so she started calling him “Bob”. Well, grandpa knows her middle name is Katherine and so now he calls her “Kate”.

In the morning she asks me “Is Bob coming over this morning?”
And if he is, there are no mysterious ailments.
Today is Grandpa’s birthday

Happy Birthday “Bob”!!!
And, you may have noticed that I haven’t been commenting or updating as fast as I usually do, it’s because I have been sucked into a black hole that is called:
Deep Leap.

It is SERIOUSLY the most addicting game.
Kind of like boggle.
Don’t go over and check it out because you will never escape.
Jeff told me about it on Friday afternoon.
I think I spent about 4 hours playing it on Friday night
and 5 hours playing it on Saturday night.
I just can’t stop!

I think I may need Deep Leap rehab!!!
Have a Terrific Tuesday!


Creative Fridays: Puppy Love

17 Apr

Hannah loves our puppy Trixie. She is Trixie’s best buddy and greatest ally. So it didn’t surprise me when she can home with this:

{She even has a crown!}
{Do you see the resemblance?}


Have a happy Friday!
Are you doing anything fun?

Wordless Wednesday: Cookin’ Cuties

4 Mar

I am working on a fun Spring kitchen project that has been floating around blog land lately — I will share it on Friday. I can’t wait for Spring!

I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!

HSM3 Hysteria

28 Oct

I know a 3 year old and a 9 year old who can’t wait to see Troy, Gabriella, Chad, Taylor and of course Sharpay!

Nostalgic Moment

17 Aug

Do you remember Saturday nights spent getting “beautiful” for Sunday? Long showers followed by getting your hair twisted into sponge rollers? Sometimes we would even be able to watch Love Boat and once in a while, if we had a babysitter, we would even be able to watch part of Fantasy Island! I remember mostly the feeling of trying to sleep on a couple dozen of those curlers all night. I think at the time I vowed that I would not inflict that torture on any of my kids.

So I think it’s funny that my two youngest girls will beg me on Saturday nights for a bath and then “pink rollers”. They love having their hair tugged into curlers in the anticipation of ringlets the next day. They love to dance around with their curlers and fancy nightgowns. It will be a sad day when they decide they are too old for Saturday Night curlers.

Thanks for stopping by!

Fun in the Sun

31 Jul
There’s nothing like a slip-n-slide to while away an afternoon. Of course accompanied by otterpops!

Now that’s what summer’s all about!