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Extreme Makeover: Me Edition: Success

2 Sep
I haven’t posted any EM:ME entries for a few weeks, but I have been working hard.

This week’s question: What are your successes this week?

I am still doing my trail every day. I started by barely making it down the trail and back each day (there are many steep hills). Then I was walking faster. Then I got arm weights and started doing arm exercises while I walked. Then I started running the trail.

I can definitely see a difference from where I started. It was frustrating for the first few months because I wasn’t losing any weight and I wondered if it was even worth it. But I think what was happening was my body was turning fat into muscle and that takes time. Then about 3 months into it I saw my body change. I could see muscles I haven’t seen in a long time. My abs are strong, I have muscles in my back now and my arms are more toned.


Plus, I love having that time to myself each day. It is a wonderful time to meditate, think and plan. So far I have lost 7 pounds and I feel like I am so much stronger!


(see how I am hiding behind the Edward poster?)

And to keep myself on track, here are my goals for the week:

  • Do the trail 6 days a week for 1.0 – 1.5 hours (sometimes if I don’t have a big block of time, I will do some of the trail in the morning and then walk at night. And sometimes I don’t have time to do it at all).
  • drink 10 glasses of water
  • do 300 sit-ups each night
  • no snacking after 9 pm
  • try to go to bed at a decent hour – before 12 hopefully…

And I have to say thank you to Amber. I don’t know if I would have been motivated enough on my own to start getting heathier. I have loved the support and encouragement of all of the wonderful ladies in the EM:ME group. Love you guys!!!


Extreme Makeover: Me Edition — August 5th

5 Aug
Can you believe it’s August already? This summer has just flown by. If you haven’t hear of Extreme Makeover: Me Edition before, it’s a group of women started by the lovely Amber who are supporting each other as we try to get healthier. Amber’s question this week is:

How is your progress?
{Weight, body, mind, etc.}

  • I am feeling really strong. I have been doing my trail about 6 times a week. I started off by walking it. When I got to the bottom and then had to go all the way back up, sometimes I really thought I wouldn’t make it. But I did and each day I was able to go a little faster.
  • Now I am running most of the trail. There is a huge hill halfway through that is so hard to get up — people call it “Heart Attack Hill”. When I started I literally had to stop half way up to catch my breath. Then a few weeks later I could get up but had to stop at the top to catch my breath. Now I can get up really fast and keep going at the top without stopping. So it makes me feel really strong.
  • I look forward to my time each day. If I miss a day I am really disappointed. It has become “me” time and I love it!
  • As far as results, I am down 4 pounds from the start. But the biggest difference is the change in my body. I can see definition and muscle tone.I use my arm weights every day. I do different exercises as I walk and run along. I have really noticed a difference in my arms, back and abs.

Go on over to Amber’s and join this group of supportive friends!
Have a fantastic Wednesday!

PS – Thanks for entering my Blogoversary Giveaway! I will announce the winner tomorrow!

Extreme Makeover: Me Edition — What Motivates Me?

1 Jul

It’s Extreme Makeover: Me Edition over at Amber’s. I feel so much better this week than I did last week. Too much eating out on our trip and not enough exercise. Now that we are home I am back to my routine.
I mentioned earlier about my summer routine of going walking/running on a wilderness trail near my home. I usually run up the hills and power walk down them. I am not sure how far it is – I need to get a pedometer and see. It takes me about 1 hour. It is so beautiful. Yesterday when I went, I took my camera.I also got some new arm weights which I tried out yesterday. They are awesome! As I walk, I do different exercises with my arms and today I hurt – so I think that they worked. The weights are 3 pounds each and they attach around the wrist with Velcro and you put your thumb through the hole so they don’t slide around. Jeff put a really great working out playlist on my ipod and away I go every morning!
If you are interested in losing weight, or just getting healthier – join Amber’s EM:ME group. It is a great group of girls supporting each other!

Have a super day!

Trendy Tuesdays: Fit Flops — Fabulous? or Fashion Faux Pas?

16 Jun

Have you heard of these shoes that claim to help you exercise while going about your normal life? I am always up for something that helps me get healthier while exerting no extra effort. Do these shoes really work?


One brand, MBT has many different varieties of shoes and they are kind of cute. Here’s what they claim.

MBT shoes are designed to provide a pro-body experience with every step. MBT shoes increase muscle activity; improve circulation, posture and balance; tone legs, hips, abs and gluteus; reduce stress and pressure on the back, feet and joints; and help with pain and injuries. Wearing MBT shoes makes traversing ordinary hard surfaces as beneficial to your body as walking on soft, uneven, terrain. With MBT shoes, all the world’s a gym!

While another brand of shoe, Fit Flops, claims a similar story:

How does the FitFlop make you fitter? Every step you take in the FitFlop helps tone and trim your legs, improve your muscle tone, increase muscle activity and circulation, improve your balance and posture, and burn calories. In fact, FitFlops are biochemically engineered to absorb shock, lessen joint strain and recreate the gait of barefoot walking-but with a powerful new built-in microwobbleboard workout-enhancing effect.

What do you think?
Would you be seen in these shoes?
Do you think they do anything to make you fitter?

And — have you ever wanted to look like this?
For those of you who live in the Salt Lake City area, Kami from No Biggie is hosting a great giveaway for a free program called LIVE THE LIFE. So go on over and sign up to win!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

Extreme Makeover: Me Edition healthy recipe

29 Apr

Hello my friends. It’s Wednesday and that means it’s time for Extreme Makeover: Me Edition. Amber is hosting this great group of girls who are supporting each other as we strive to lose weight/get healthier.

This is my philosophy this week: It is what it is. I have decided to be happy with me. This body I have is amazing. It does so much. It takes care of my kids, loves my husband, hugs my friends, blogs, cleans and allows me to be creative. I am going to be happy with myself and try to be healthier.

This week: drink more water, continue walking, eating more fruits and veggies.


This week’s question:

Share with us a healthy recipe.

{One that you’ve adapted, found, made up. Anything. Try to give any nutritional info if possible}

Asian Noodle Soup With Chicken and Snow Peas

This is a recipe that I made Monday night. It is from Martha’s Everyday Food magazine. I just love those magazines – could they be any cuter??


Here are the nutrition facts for the dish: 355 calories, 1.8 grams of fat, 27.5 grams of protein, 55.3 grams of carbs, 2 grams of fiber. {It does call for something called lemongrass. I looked all over and even in spices and couldn’t find it. I substituted lemon seasoning for it and it was great!}

Click HERE for the recipe!

It was a huge hit!!! Everyone loved it. I loved it because it was healthy and so yummy. I had the leftovers for lunch today!!


Go on over to join the EM:ME group. What a wonderful group of supportive friends!


Extreme Makeover: Me Edition… Help!

23 Apr

It’s week 4 of Amber’s Extreme Makeover: Me Edition. This is a really great group of ladies who are supporting each other as we try to lose weight/get healthier. Go over and join!


Ok, I’m keeping it real — I am at a low point. I almost didn’t post today because I feel like I’m not making much progress. Here are the good points this week:

  • Not eating late at night (except one night when I had to eat like half a bag of Baked Lays)
  • Drinking more water (I am loving Crystal Light)
  • It’s finally warm here so I have been taking Ella for walks in the mornings (well, twice so far…)
  • Working out in my yard has kept me busy and weeding up and down is almost the same as lunges, right???

Bad points:

  • I am discouraged
  • My jeans are still tight
  • My stomach grossed me out in the shoe mirror at Target tonight as I was sitting to try on some sandals – blah!
  • I am tired of Jillian Michael’s yelling at me as I Shred
  • I am still going up and down with the same 2-3 pounds each week

The question this week is what type of music do you work out to that gets your blood pumping? Well, my kids will tell you that I like music way too young for my age. Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, The Fray, Owl City, Jack’s Mannequin — but also love 80’s stuff, Madonna, OMD, U2, Keane.


So, if you’re still reading this, please help me get motivated. Do you have any good ideas???? I am thinking about bagging it all and getting one of these:

{just kidding — kind of…}


Thanks for coming by!
I hope you have a wonderful day!

Favorite Thing Wednesday: Extreme Makover ME edition!!

18 Mar

Have you ever been over to Amber’s place? She’s a really wonderful person. I haven’t known her long, but I can tell from her posts that she is a wonderful mother, wife and friend. She’s funny too!

{Isn’t she cute?}

Last week she had a post that really motivated me about changing my life. Since then I have been exercising every day and trying to eat healthier.

And this week Amber is starting a new group for women (and especially moms) to help us get healthier. I know, for me, I run around doing things all day long for my kids and family – it’s easy to forget about me. This group is a way for us to support each other as we work on taking care of us and getting healthier.

I’m really excited about it. Go on over to Amber’s and sign up to join the group. It’s going to be fun. Amber has all kinds of ideas and information as we do this.

As Amber says:
“You know what?
I AM worth it.
It’s time to take care of ME.”


It’s sunny here, so after I work over at the school, I am going to work out in my yard – it SOOO needs it!

What are you doing today?