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Thrifty Tuesdays: Do you Hulu?

10 Feb

Have you ever missed an episode of Lost or wanted to watch a classic like Karate Kid, but didn’t want to spend the money at the video store? is an online video service that lets you download more than 900 prime-time TV shows and movies for FREE. So the next time you miss The Biggest Loser, The Office or Flipping Out (I love that one!) — go over to Hulu.
On another thrifty note, my issue of Real Simple came with the cutest shirt for Spring. And guess where you can buy it??? JCPenney – can you believe that? JCPenney is unveiling a collaboration with designer Charlotte Ronson called I Heart Ronson and it will hit the stores this Spring. So instead of spending $180 for one of her shirts:

You can get this one for $22 bucks! (And knowing, JCPenney, it will go on sale it’s first week).

Have A Thrifty Tuesday!