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Decorating Question…..

1 Feb

Last night I dragged my family to IKEA. They were hoping for some tasty swedish meatballs. (We did reward ourselves later with:)

I love IKEA! My favorite part is walking through the fully equipped living spaces — 235 feet, 542 feet… It’s so cool. It makes me imagine myself living in a little place in New York City or a bustling European country. Of course the reality of living in 542 feet with a husband, 4 kids and a dog would last about 30 minutes. But still….

I was gathering supplies for a little project I am working on for Ella’s room. I will share it with you on Friday (if I can get it done). But on to my question:

Every time we are at IKEA I see this:
And, I WANT IT! I think it would be great to put in the basement for the kids to swing around on while they are stuck inside during the cold, frigid months. Or I could use one of these?

My hubbys says: no way! What do you think?

Would it be a “Good Thing”?
Have a great weekend! I hope you are doing something fun!

PS – My sister Wenderful was featured here this week for her blog post “Someday”! Yay!