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Favorite Thing Wednesday: iphone envy

10 Jun

Okay, you may find this post a little geeky for someone who just learned to text this year. But, have you heard? The iPhone now costs $99, instead of $199. {This is the phone that two years ago was $599.}


I never really considered getting one because of the price. But ever since it came out I have been hearing about all of the cool applications you can use with this phone. It boggles my mind, but I heard that there are 1 billion iphone applications!

  • It might make me more organized:
{budgeting}{detailed calendar}
  • Help me with grocery shopping:
{grocery lists}{checkout smart: finds the closest store with the best price on the item you want.}
  • Help me save money:
{find coupons for thousands of stores}
  • Help me make dinner:
{big Oven: 160,000 recipes}{Dinner Spinner from}

  • Help me get healthier:
{help diagnose illnesses}
  • Make traveling easier:
{find restaurant locations and reviews using iphones built-in GPS}

  • Take better pictures:
{ColorSplash: color in or grey out any part of your photos you choose}
{3-D app}
  • Help Me Decorate:

{Benjamin Moore’s paint app: lets you take a photo of anything you’re around,
and the app will show the closest matching colors in the Benjamin Moore catalog}

  • Even help me with my hair haha:
  • And give me something to do while I am waiting for kids:
This would make a great birthday present (hint, hint – honey).
Are any of you lucky enough to have one?
Or do you know someone that has one and loves it??