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Get Your Face On Party!!

17 Feb

One of the nicest, cutest bloggers — Beth @ Stories From A to Z has a really different and cool party going on right now. Get Your Face On Party!!  

It’s a really fun get-together where you can share your best tips and tricks they you’ve discovered to looking your best!  

I am excited to join in the fun and go around and learn some new things! 

So here are some of my favorite beauty things:
Sun Block — I wear it every day, even when it’s overcast and gloomy. 

I am a hugely gullible person when it comes to wrinkle creams. I think I bought my first one when I was 18 – why? I have no idea! Some of my favorites are:

Renova — Wonderful stuff that helps speed up cell turnover and take away fine lines. You can only get it by prescription, but it is worth it!

Kohls’ Tri-Aktiline Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler. 
It works right away and I use it under my eyes.
Olay Pro X Wrinkle cream. 
I use it on my forehead.
Primer is wonderful stuff! 
I hardly use any foundation, just primer and concealer.
 I have found one makeup that I like. 
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind.
I also put a little bit of bronzer on my whole face 
when I am done just to give me a healthy glow.
 Those are my favorites. 
 What are yours?

Go over to Beth’s to get some great tips and tricks 
to help you look beautiful!

Here are my before and afters — sorry the pictures are not the best…


Have a wonderful day!