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Project Organization 2011 — Drawer organization in 15 minutes that won’t slide around!!

11 Apr
from the side
I am not naturally a very organized person, 

but there have been so many wonderful projects floating around the blogworld lately that have really inspired me to try to get my home a little more orderly.
from the side
I’d love to share my latest project with you –
My $6 Makeup Drawer Makeover!!
My makeup drawer is always a mess. I am embarrassed to show you the before picture – it is terrible. Basically all of my makeup, lotions and toothpaste is shoved in a drawer. This drawer definitely needed a makeover!

I found these containers at my local Dollar Tree.
A couple months ago I saw this post from Kusak’s Closet that inspired me to use velcro!
I picked some up at Walmart — $2.
clean it out
So I cleaned out my drawer – finally!!
on the bottom
And then I put a few pieces of adhesive-backed velcro on the back of each of the Dollar Store containers.
put in the drawer
That way when I slide the drawer in and out, the containers stay in place. Such a good idea!!
from the side 
I divided the containers up according to – tooth care, lotions and creams, foundations and concealers, brushes and makeup applicators.
bowls lip gloss
And I put a couple of stainless steel bowls with velcro on the bottom – one for lip glosses and another for  tweezers and trimmers.
another view
Ahhh. It feels so good!! I showed my husband and he said he has never seen my makeup drawer looking like that in all the time we’ve been married – HA!
This velcro trick would work great in any type of a drawer – from your office, to your kitchen to your craft room!
Happy Organizing!! 
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PPS — are you wondering where the GIVEAWAY Monday post is??? Just a hint — I have a really extra cool giveaway scheduled for Wednesday this week instead. I like to mix things up around here – lol!!