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"Summer Social" Guest Project — Make {FREE} Scalloped Paint Chip Art!

9 Aug

Hello! I am so excited to be posting at Tatertots and Jello! I’m Chris from 

Jen is one of those bloggers whose workload just boggles my mind. I want to bottle up some of her energy! Alas, I have no idea how to do that—yet. Until then, I’ll remain in awe of Jen and all the wonderful things she does at her blog!
For those of you who don’t know me, you should know that I don’t like to spend money. That doesn’t mean I don’t spend money. I just don’t like to. So…when I was looking for some artwork for my bedroom, I decided to look for something free.

I grabbed some paint swatches at Home Depot (props to HD for offering free swatches!) and used a hole punch to make a bunch of circles.

Punch, punch, and then punch some more. It only took a few minutes, but my frame was pretty small. If you want something large scale, (get it? scale?) it may take you a minute.

Because I’m cheap (didn’t want to buy anything to put it on) and because I’m lazy (didn’t want to find something to cut to size, I adhered the circles straight to the glass that came in the frame. Plus, this allowed me to use the lines of my cutting mat to make sure everything stayed straight. 

I had to look on the internet to make sure I knew what fish scales look like, and I just started gluing away. A little dab of craft glue at the top of each circle is all it took. Using the craft glue (as opposed to hot glue) gave me some time to move things around if they weren’t lining up well.


This is what it will look like when you’re done.

I let the glue dry for a little bit, and I turned the glass over. 

Then I ran a blade down the edge of the glass to give a clean line. This way it would fit nicely into the frame.

Ta Da! I am so happy with the simplicity of it. It’s a fresh and free way to decorate, and I love that it offers some texture to the space.

When my husband was checking it out, I said, “Did you notice that I used a frame that has circles on it to match the circle design in the art?” He responded, “Circles?” Nice.
I’m not too worried, though. I’m sure you notice it. 🙂 

Thanks to Jen and all her readers for letting me stop by today! I hope you enjoyed it!

Chris!! That is just awesome – I love the circles and the scallops that they make.
First of all, I just want to say how THRILLED I am to have Chris here. Just a Girl is one of the first blogs that I ever started reading. I remember the day that Chris featured me – it was one of the happiest in my blogging life. Here are some of the reasons I love Chris’s blog—

How genius is Chris’s Art Tray? Love this!!

Her Halloween Mantel last year was fabulous!!
Another amazing Halloween project — her DIY Spider Clock.
And of course there’s the amazing decorating ideas — like this Dining Room Transformation with Board and Batten.
You will love the daily DIY inspiration at Just A Girl — be sure to go over and say hi!!
PS — I am sharing some of my favorite Washi Tape projects over at Babble’s Home Ec today. I am loving all of the creative ideas that are being shared over there. Such a great community!!