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Wishes In My Pocket — Making the World a Better Place! {giveaway}

21 Nov
{Update — winner is #82 — Alicia @ Scruggle’s Pages and #3 Lee}

It’s Thanksgiving Week and I can’t think of a better time to tell you about this wonderful idea! I recently found out that one of my favorite blogs —  SERENDIPITY is run by a sweet girl I was in the dorms with in college!
This is her Thanksgiving House
Small world! 
Well, Cristin is doing something really beautiful with her sister Lisa
They wanted to find a tangible way for people to say “thank you” for simple acts of kindness. 
 How often have WE been touched by someone’s kindness? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little something that we could give to someone as a token of our appreciation?
So Cristin and Lisa got together with Cathe Holden and designed these fantastic Pocket Wish Tokens and started Wishes in My Pocket!
You can purchase the tokens online, and when one is given as a thank-you
that person can pass it on to the next person and so on. 
Plus, each person that the tokens comes in contact with can go to the 
Wishes In My Pocket website and share their experience with the world!! 
How awesome is that? 
Just think of how many people each token can affect!! 
I love this idea of making the world a better place through simple acts of kindness!! 
Some ideas:
 You can put them at each place setting at your holiday dinner
Or place a bowl of them on your entry table to remind your kids to do something kind 

{they would make AWESOME stocking stuffers too!}
 Cristin and Lisa are giving away 
12 Pocket Wish Tokens to TWO of you!!
Here’s how YOU can win: 
Simple — 
*Just tell me an experience when you could have given a Pocket Wish, or tell me how you might be able to use a Pocket Wish in the future. 
If you want an extra entry: 
*Share this awesome idea with your friends. Come back and tell me how you shared it. 
Have a Very Wonderful Sunday!

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