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Thrifty Tuesdays: Happy Inauguration Day!

21 Jan
(To make one of these of yourself, go here)

Happy Inauguration day! The girls spent the day with their Grandma at Quincy Cottage making these. YUM!
What a day! We watched the Inaugural events on CNN all morning. So much hope and hopefully unity. I feel so blessed to live in this country!

Now, let’s talk fashion. What did you think about Michelle Obama’s yellow Isabel Toledo dress?
I loved it! I love the yellow color which sent out an optimistic feeling. The lace over wool was a beautiful detail, as was the jeweled neckline. I also loved that she didn’t go all matchy-matchy with her shoes and gloves, but gave the outfit an unexpected pop of color with the green shoes and gloves from J. Crew. I liked the sheath dress, which works well on her figure and the overall sleek design of the ensemble, which reminded me of Jackie Kennedy.

This was an interesting fashion choice:
How about Aretha Franklin’s hat? I thought it was great! She’s Aretha Franklin — she can wear anything she wants. But seriously, I think it’s time that hats made a major comeback. Just think how much easier our lives would be if we could wear hats with everything. No more bad hair days!And speaking of hats… It’s technically Thrifty Tuesday. Here’s a hat I got over the weekend for my up-coming trip. It’s from Old Navy and was on sale, half off clearance price. So I got it… for $1. Yup, one buck! Yay! Here’s the beginning of the hat comeback!

My next post will be from sunny Hawaii (I cannot be separated from my computer…) and I will be having a giveaway at the end of the week featuring an island prize. So stay tuned!
I hope you had a Thrifty Tuesday!