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More Resin Inspiration!! And a $200 Giveaway!!

10 Jun
Thanks for letting me share some of my favorite things with you this week! 
It’s been SO fun!! And thanks for all of the sweet comments on my Chevron Table Redo!!
I just love seeing it on my front porch now – it makes me so happy!!!
I had been looking around for fun resin projects and discovered that they are hard to find. If you are thinking about making some resin projects this summer, I thought I would share some of my favorite ones with you:


{this project I used a more difficult type of resin, but it would be so much easier to use Envirotex Lite!!!}
And, if you want even more resin inspiration, check out the 23 ETI resin projects that were linked up on Monday!! 
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 ETI Resin Crafts is having a great giveaway today!

Be sure to go  over and enter 🙂 
Happy Friday!!! 
PSIt’s Friday {how did that happen???} and the Weekend Wrap Up Party tonight!! I hope you can join in the party — it’s my FAVORITE time of the week!! Come show off  YOUR IDEAS!!!

Favorite Thing Wednesday: Vintage Button Pendants

20 Aug

I have been making more metal tag resin pendants. I used some vintage buttons from the 40′s for these.
It’s so fun to experiment. If you would like to make some, my tutorial is HERE.

And, I’m so honored to be featured as one of the bloggers today on Tip Junkie’s Fashion and Style Edition. Thank you so much Laurie! There are so many fun, cool ideas there today – go on over and check it out!I hope you are having a Wonderful Wednesday!

Creative Fridays: Making pendants out of metal label holders

21 Jul

Hello Tip Junkie readers! I am so excited to be featured with my metal label holder pendants. How did I come up with this idea? I have been experimenting with resin jewelry for awhile. I was at the craft store getting more supplies for my resin project, when I and saw some metal label holders in the scrapbooking section — my imagination started to whirl. Could I use make those metal label holders into pendants? After some experimentation here’s what I came up with:

Now, the trick to resin is precise measuring. I finally broke down and purchased some plastic measuring cups in the craft store. This made my life a lot easier.

If you want to make this project, this is what you need:

  • metal label holders {in the scrapbook section}
  • heavy cardboard to use on the back of the pendant. Note: I actually improved upon this by buying sheets of thin metal which I cut with metal shears for the back of the pendants.
  • good glue. I found some called super goop and it is supposed to hold FOREVER
  • mod podge {of course!}
  • scrapbook paper
  • some little embellishments. I found mine in the scrapbook and bead sections. Or if you want to do initials you need some initial rub on letters, stickers or you can print them off from your computer. I also used a vintage button – so maybe little things you already have lying around your house.
  • resin {you can find this in the adhesive section of your craft store} along with popsicle sticks and a disposible paint brush.
  • resin activator {this is a small bottle located next to the resin that makes the resin get hard when combined}
  • jump rings {I found these in the jewelery making section of the craft store}
  • chain to hang your pendant
  • lobster clasp or toggle to finish your chain off

Here are the steps to make the pendants:

  1. Cut out the scrapbook paper that you have picked out to be the background. It needs to be slightly bigger than the opening in the label holder.
  2. Apply 2 coats of mod podge to the scrapbook paper. This protects the paper and keeps it from running when you apply the resin later.
  3. Cut out a peice of cardboard the same size as the scrapbook paper. This will be the back of your pendant. Note: I now use thing metal sheets to make the backs. It’s much more durable and looks better than the cardboard.
  4. Using your glue, attach the scrapbook paper to the cardboard.
  5. Turn the label holder over and run a thin line of glue around the edges of the opening. Then lay your cardboard or metal backing so the scrapbook paper is facing your work surface. Let dry completely.
  6. After your backing is attached to the label holder and is completely dry, assemble all of the pieces that you are going to put inside of the frame. You want to have everything ready because you won’t have much time once your resin is wet and needs to be poured.
  7. Take everything outside. The resin is very toxic and you need ventilation. Cover your work surface with newspaper, covered with wax paper. Lay everything out.
  8. Mix your resin. This is the tricky part. Follow the directions on the back of your resin bottle. Use the disposible measuring cups.
  9. Once mixed, pour the resin on to the label holder pendants. I use a disposible paint brush. Start at the outside of the frame and work your way in so that all of the surface is evenly covered. If the resin starts getting sticky, stop! You want it to be smooth and runny. When it gets clumpy then your pendant will not be smooth.
Thanks for stopping by!
I hope you are having a super day!

Keeping it Real: Project Disaster!

16 Jul

Have you ever had a project that just didn’t go right no matter what you tried? This is my life this week. I was so excited to make resin pendants. “How hard could it be?” I thought. Well, it turns out, considerably harder than I imagined. I really wanted to do this for my Creative Friday post this week. About a month ago I bought some two part expoxy for another project. Then bloggy friend of mine had a birthday coming up and I thought it would be cute to take a scrabble tile and encase it in epoxy and make it into a pendant. So Monday I made the epoxy and was so excited. Well, it turns out that the epoxy turned yellow and there were tons of bubbles. Second attempt on Tuesday, I bought resin this time and used molds instead of vitamin containers. The resin was so easy to use. There were less bubbles. Everything seemed to be going great. Well, I used Pam cooking spray to save money instead of using mold release stuff, now I cannot get the resin out of the molds. Aaaagh! I am going to get this right if it kills me! I will let you know how it goes!
Today is the third attempt. Hopefully I will get it figured out in time for tomorrow’s Creative Friday! {Any advice would be greatly appreciated!}

I am linking this up to Dreamy Nest’s Show me Your Craft Fail party 🙂