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Check it out Tomorrow!

13 Sep
Groop Dealz is going live tomorrow!
Be sure to check it out. 
I love anything that will help me save money!!
They will have deals on:
Health & Fitness
And I found out that they have some new national things in the works 
that will help all of us save $$$$ on things we LOVE. 
I’ll let you know when I know more – it sounds exciting!
Here’s a sneak peek of tomorrow’s giveaway —

Yes!!  Frogurt  — one of our favorite places to go as a family!
We usually hit up the one in Midvale
 They have the BEST toppings!!!
Strawberries, raspberries… snickers, strawberries, nuts, and brownies.

I also love that Groop dealz

 actually records a VIDEO of EACH place that they do “dealz” with!
I LOVE that!  It’s great to SEE what the place looks like that before I buy!
I think that’s such a great idea!!
Here’s their Frogurt Video
Only $5 BUCKS for a $10.00 gift card!
Ooo… and don’t forget to sign up with GroopDealz while you’re over there… so you can get updates everyday on what their “deal” is!


And, if you know Shelley from House of Smiths
and love vinyl at a discount… you MIGHT want to sign up to get their daily email “deal” reminders…
You never know when something you “NEED” might pop up! 🙂


Super Bonus Weekend Giveaway!!

21 Aug

Shelley and I had a great Girls Night Out last night — we went HERE  and had a fantastic time.
It was so nice to get out of the house!!!
 And guess what — I met a really cool new company called  GroopDealz 
and they offered a great giveaway to YOU to spread the word about their company!!

I  WISH I could enter my OWN giveaway but I can’t! 😦
This is a QUICK one!  
Only going through MONDAY night!
So hurry over to win….
A $50.00 gift card to TARGET!!!!!
Everybody loves Target – right?? ….I know I do!!!
Here’s the dealio…
GroopDealz is a 
 Deal-a-Day website, with deals from
Sweet Briar Home Decor
Platinum Car Wash
Incredible Pizza Company
Nail Port
and TONS more!
Mostly with daily deals that are 50% off!
They are Utah-based now, but have big plans to go national soon…

They are launching their new site on September 13th
… and all they need right now is people to sign up, to receive their emails!
Easy-peazy, right!? 🙂

And they can save you money on things that you were going to buy anyway!!

So… here’s the 2 ways to enter to win the Target Gift Card, this weekend:

1st: Head on over to

(click on the icon to be directed to their webpage)

And simply enter your email address! 🙂
Visit GroopDealz on Facebook and “Like” them!
Then come back here and leave 2 separate comments telling me you’ve done those two things! 🙂
That’s it! 🙂
And the best part is…
EVERYONE can enter, because Target is everywhere!  So go sign up, now! 🙂

Plus, come link your ideas at the Weekend Wrap Up Party
Over 240 projects are linked up so far. 
Come over and enter to win a $25 credit to along for the ride etsy shop!! 
I will be writing up a spotlight post later on today!! 

Guest Project:: $5 Leather Chair Transformation!

5 May
 Hello all of you Tatertots and Jello readers! 
I so excited to be guest posting today, I love Jen’s blog!
Let me introduce myself, I’m Kaysi from Keeping It Simple
Keeping It Simple
Like the name of my blog, I like all things simple! I’m a simple person and I wouldn’t want it any other way! I love to do all things crafty!
Today I wanted to show you how I turned this:

into this:
I got this chair at a garage sale for $5. It was super dirty, but the chair itself wasn’t in bad shape. The cushion was beyond repair though, I had to just reupholster it. I didn’t even know you could dye leather until I googled it and found out how. So now I’m going to show you how to dye leather!
What you will need:
-Leather Dye
-Spray bottle
-Cloths (or an old sock :D)
-Leather finisher
You can actually combine dyes if you need to. The brown that I got wasn’t dark enough, so I combined it with a black dye to get the dark brown.

1) First you will need to clean the leather with acetone and a cloth. Using a sock, I went all over the chair. (I did clean it with soap and water to get all the dust off)

This is how it looked after the acetone

Notice the different in color, it really cleans it!

Now it’s time to dye the leather!!
2) With water, I sprayed the chair to make it damp. Because I had such a big area, I would spray a little area at a time and then dye it and then spray another area.

3) Put the dye onto the cloth and wipe it all over the chair. (Wear gloves!! I made this mistake and was cleaning dye off my hands for a week). Dye the whole area trying to make it as even as possible

4) After each coat, take a dry cloth and rub off the excess dye

Do as many coats that you need. This is what mine looked like after 6 coats of dye. I let it dry about 1 1/2 hours between coats

Now you have to use a finisher to protect the leather and dye.

5) Using the spray bottle, I sprayed the finisher on the chair. Like the water, I did a little at a time.

6) Then with a damp cloth, I spread the finish evenly. I used long strokes to do this.

The finish leaves a nice gloss!

Because the cushion was ripped and not in good shape, I just put fabric over it. I used a thick ribbon for the edge in the front of the cushion. It looks so much better now though and I love just looking at it!!

I wanted to use a flowery fabric but my husband didn’t care for it, so I made a pillow to add a little girly touch 🙂

This is actually a really easy process! You can dye shoes, belts, purses and furniture!
Thanks Jen for having me on your blog today!!
You should stop by Keeping It Simple and see what else I have!
Thanks Kaysi!! What a great tutorial! 
You guys should go over to her site — 
Kaysi has all sorts of great ideas and projects all the time at Keeping It Simple! 
Here is a button for sharing your tutorial with us 🙂
Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!!
PS – TOMORROW is the Mother’s Day Extravaganza. Giveaways will start at 6 AM (MST)!!!