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Friend Makin’ Mondays: Five Senses

27 Apr

It’s Friend Makin’ Monday! Kasey from All That Is Good is asking us what our favorite things are for each of our five senses.

Here are my favorites!

Smells I Like:

  1. I love the smell of rain on cement – there is something the smell of a summer storm.
  2. The smell of old books.
  3. Lilacs blooming.
  4. Baby lotion on my kids when they are fresh out of the tub.


  1. Sour milk – could there be anything grosser?

Things I like to touch:

  1. My kids’ soft, soft skin.
  2. My puppy’s soft fur.
  3. Chenille.
  4. Bubbles

  1. Dirt under my nails. Just drives me crazy.
Sounds I like:

  1. Hearing my family laugh.

  2. The dishwasher after the kitchen has been cleaned up.

  3. Happy music on the radio.

  4. The sounds of kids playing (we live right behind a school so those sounds come in almost everyday)


  1. When my kids are fighting.

Tastes I Like:

  1. Salsa
  2. Burnt Almond cake (my in-laws used to live in San Jose, CA where there was this amazing bakery. For my birthday they would order this cake for me. Heaven on earth!
  3. Dark, dark chocolate
  4. Lemon Thick-n-Creamy Yoplait yogurt.


  1. Nuts on anything. (except I do like almonds)

Sights I Like:

  1. My sweet kids.

  2. My thoughtful husband

  3. My yard in the Spring

  4. Cute clothes — on sale!


  1. Seeing anyone mistreated.

There you have it! All 5 Senses covered: Good and the bad! Thanks Kasey (and Kelli from My Kitchen Window who came up with this week’s question)! Go on over to Kasey’s to link up and play!

Have a Super Monday!