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Guest Project — Make a Sentimental Christmas Ornament

18 Nov
My sister got married about six months ago and, as an early Christmas present, I decided to make her a special 
wedding ornament. 
The process was simple and I’m super excited to share the tutorial with everyone!

Start with a glass ornament, scissors and your paper of choice–I used my sister’s wedding invitation.
I then cut the paper into strips.
I rolled the strips around my finger to create little curly-ques and placed them inside the ornament.
I love how the cream colored paper looks inside the ornament–almost vintage-like.
I’m super happy with the outcome!
What a sweet and sentimental ornament.
I love idea — and it’s something that you could make for anyone in your life and fill with things that are special to them!!
Thank you for sharing it with us Megan! 
Megan has a new blog and loves to share her crafty projects.
She is an ad agency employee by day and closet writer, amateur chef and shoe fanatic by night!
Her blog High Tops and Lace has some really fun ideas and recipes!
Craft Night
{Girls Craft Night — looks so fun!}
If you have a chance, go on over to High Tops and Lace 
and give Megan some comment love.

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