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Decorating with Friends is always more Fun! {painted rug project}

5 Apr
It’s always more fun to do things with friends, right?
Shelley and I were tooling around Ikea the other night and we both wanted to try making a Painted Spring Rug. So we BOTH bought this rug:
We liked it because it was pretty neutral, had great texture and was a great price. So we each took our rugs home and painted them.

And then a couple of days later, we met up at my house for some painted fun!
With this stencil – I bet you can guess what we were doing – LOL!
I am excited to show you the finished project!
they are cuuuuute!!! 
Do you ever meet up with your girlfriends for crafty projects? 
I think it would be so fun to plan a weekend like Meg from Whatever just had with her friends!