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My New Favorite Store!!

30 Jul
 While roaming around New York, I happened upon a magical store —
Have you ever been in one of these?
We don’t have any where I live. I was transfixed!
I want to move in and never leave!
Luckily, I can order things online and have them shipped to me — yippee!
If you don’t know about Fishs Eddy — check out their website. They have fabulous dinnerware: 
Beautiful and Whimsical Glassware: 
 American-made, Hand-pressed Glass: 
 And so much more! Beautiful! 
Have a Fantastic Friday!

And, PS — Come back over for the Weekend Wrap Up Party. It’s going to start a little early tonight — about 5 PM. And, there is going to be a CUTE giveaway – I can’t wait to show you!!