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Guest Project — DIY Porch Swing Makeover!

20 May
Hi everyone! 

 I’m Angie from The Cellar Door Stories, and I’m just beyond excited to be here guest posting today!  I love to blog about decorating, crafting, cooking, frugal ideas, family life with my husband and two kiddos, and pretty much any other random thing that comes to mind….some may call it scatter-brained, but I prefer the term “eclectic.”  *wink*

Today I’d like to share one of our most recent projects ~ our porch swing makeover!!

Built in 1961 and not kept in the best condition, our home has been a bit of a fixer-upper, porch swing included!  
Here’s what we started with when we first moved in….

Fast forward 3 1/2 years, and my little guy has changed quite a bit, but unfortunately the porch swing had not!  Since we were already in the process of repainting our shutters (which were also the country blue color), it made sense to give our porch swing a makeover too!

The first step was to take it down, clean it, sand it, and clean it some more. 
I knew I wanted to cutesy it up a bit by stenciling on a phrase, so we removed two of the slats to be replaced later.  Then it was time to paint!  I had chosen the color “Lincoln Cottage Black” by Valspar.  We used our paint sprayer for a few coats and a foam brush to fix any runs and get all the other nooks and crannies that were hard to reach with the spray.
My handy hubby cut down the new board to fit, and once it was painted, measured out my chipboard letters for me!  
What a great guy ~ he handles any project that involves my arch enemy:  measuring. 
My tendency is to just eyeball everything, so if it actually needs to look good, he measures it all out.  I first traced around the letters with a pencil, then over the pencil with white paint, and then filled each letter in.  I lost count of how many coats it took, but I think it was around seven, so a little time consuming, but not difficult.  (Of course, those of you lucky ducks with a Silhouette could crank that baby out in vinyl in no time!!)

Once the wording was completely dry, and the new board was attached, we could hang the swing back up in it’s rightful place on the front porch.  I whipped up some pillows ~ I use the term “whipped up” very lightly…actually my sewing machine and I were at odds for a few hours, but she finally relented, and we are now back on speaking terms.  Anyway, I plan on eventually painting the front door red, so I used a fun outdoor fabric with some red accents and some red burlap for the pillows.  
Since the pillows will be outside, I left the plastic packaging on the pillow forms to protect them from getting wet!  Smart thinking, right?  Well, they make a funny sound when you lean on them, but at least they look good!  Plus, I made the envelope type closure, so I can easily take out the pillow form if I change my mind.
*One quick note ~ I do plan on adding a coat of clear poly over the letters to protect them a little from the elements.  Although if I don’t get around to it, we could always just say we were going for the distressed look.
So, there you have it, our porch swing makeover ~ I can’t wait until all this rain stops so I can go relax on the swing with a nice tall glass of iced coffee in hand!

Thanks so much for having me, Jen ~ I always love seeing the great ideas here and now I’m so happy to be a part of it!  Hope to see you all over at The Cellar Door Stories!

 What a fun project Angie!!!

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 Be sure to stop by The Cellar Door Stories and give Angie a big TT&J hello!!! 

PSIt’s Friday!!!! My favorite day of the week. I can’t wait to see what YOU are doing!!! The party starts at 6 pm {MST}. I hope you will stop by 🙂 

Decorating Question…..

1 Feb

Last night I dragged my family to IKEA. They were hoping for some tasty swedish meatballs. (We did reward ourselves later with:)

I love IKEA! My favorite part is walking through the fully equipped living spaces — 235 feet, 542 feet… It’s so cool. It makes me imagine myself living in a little place in New York City or a bustling European country. Of course the reality of living in 542 feet with a husband, 4 kids and a dog would last about 30 minutes. But still….

I was gathering supplies for a little project I am working on for Ella’s room. I will share it with you on Friday (if I can get it done). But on to my question:

Every time we are at IKEA I see this:
And, I WANT IT! I think it would be great to put in the basement for the kids to swing around on while they are stuck inside during the cold, frigid months. Or I could use one of these?

My hubbys says: no way! What do you think?

Would it be a “Good Thing”?
Have a great weekend! I hope you are doing something fun!

PS – My sister Wenderful was featured here this week for her blog post “Someday”! Yay!