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Friend Makin’ Mondays: Favorite Childhood Toys

4 May

Amber at {ae Filkins} is hosting Friend Makin’ Mondays this week. If you don’t know Amber, she is an amazing girl. She is so creative, funny and a really good friend.


This week the question is what are the 5 games that remind you of your childhood? Well, my childhood was kind of old school.

  • Barbie

One year my dad made an incredible barbie house for us. It was three stories and had an elevator. That barbie house moved with us through 4 states. It was awesome. My sister and I sent endless hours dressing those barbies up and taking them on dates with various Kens.

  • Lite Brite

I thought this was the coolest thing when it came out. Punching through that black paper and seeing the plastic tubes light up was so cool. I used to leave it on at night in my room and watch that glow as I fell asleep.

  • Bike

I got a banana bike one year. It was the ultimate in grade-school cool. The neatest part was I could let one of my friend’s sit on it with me and drive them around.

  • Roller Skates

I probably spent most of my childhood on my roller skates. I was convinced that roller skating as going to be an Olympic sport. I spent hours skating around the neighborhood with my best friend Kristin. And then at the local roller rink, round and round we would go while the DJ played “YMCA” in our Jordache jeans with a comb in our back pocket. Oh, those 4th grade memories.

  • Atari

The Christmas of my 6th grade year I begged Santa for an Atari video game system. I really wanted a cool game called “Asteroids”. I was so surprised and delighted Christmas morning to see that Santa had come through. I spent the rest of that year happily shooting asteroids and playing space Invaders, thinking life could not get any cooler!

So, what are the games that remind you of your childhood??
Go on over to Amber’s to link up!

Have a Super Monday!