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Life On The Open Road

1 Sep

Have I told you about my trailer obsession? It started a few months ago when I was starting to plan a family trip for next summer. I think it would be fun to take the kids on a trip across the country to see the landmarks and sights. I heard about a local family that had taken a year off from school and work to explored the country. We don’t have the option of taking an entire year off but I thought we could take a month during the summer.

I told Jeff about the plan and he was less than thrilled about buying a trailer for the trip. (He doesn’t quite get the trailer vision yet). Undeterred I spent hours every day cruising the internet for what type of trailer got the best reviews, what floor plans would work best for us and prices. I was all set to buy one — the sooner the better. I had our new trailer all decorated in my mind.

I still haven’t talked Jeff into my plan. So for the time being, the operative term for my trailer obsession is DREAM. I thought since I am not able to have a trailer NOW, maybe blogging about my trailer obsession would be almost as good as the real thing! So on the weekends instead of being out on the open road, I will be blogging about the open road.

This is the interior of the Airstream Design Within Reach model. I love the clean lines and modern conveniences. I love the classic lines of the airstreams.

Have a great night!!!