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Great Ideas — 25 Fall Wreaths!!

10 Sep
Felt Flower Wreath @ Nest of Posies
Brass Thumbtack Wreath @ Madigan Made
 Yarn Wreath with Felt Flowers @ Home Stories A2Z
 Paper Plate Wreath @ Blue Sky Confection

 Ruffled Felt Fall Wreath @ K.I.S.S
How to make a Yarn Wreath @ My Blessed Life
Candy Corn Wreath @ The Cards We Drew
 Striped Burlap Wreath @ Life, Made Interesting
 Back to School Pencil Wreath @ Organize and Decorate Everything
 Fall Coffee Filter Wreath @ Craftberry Bush
 Witch Chevron Wreath @ CraftOManiac
Welcome Wreath @ Miss Lovie
Sweater and Burlap Wreath @ Today is My Someday
Burlap and Felt Flowers @ Quiver Full of Blessings
Halloween Embroidery Hoop Wreath @ The Thriftress
Grocery Bag Wreath @ Loo-La-Bee Simplicity
Fall Paper Medallion Wreath @ O. Alouette
Fall Burlap and Rosette Wreath @ The Tanners
Alma Mater Wreath @ Vintage Gwen
Fall Felt Wreath @ Lady Anne
Coffee Filter Fall Wreath @ Mary’s Meanderings
Spray Painted Wreath Redo @ Lookie What I Did
Shimmery Leaves Fall Wreath @ Crafts ‘n Coffee
Autumn Fall Wreath @ Homespun With Love
Wow – I am AMAZED at the ideas linked up!!! Seriously, I get recharged every weekends by looking at YOUR ideas!! 
Come link up YOUR ideas and win a $40 sign to Signs by Andrea. 

Have a SUPER Saturday!! 

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Stenciled Napkin Pillows for my banquette — with Royal Design Studios!! {tutorial}!!

9 Sep
 I have been on a bit of a stenciling kick this summer…
stenciled projects
I stenciled a Chevron rug,  a Spray Painted Circle Rug, and then I tackled my kitchen window with some Faux Roman Shades and some painted pillows for my kitchen banquette.

And yesterday I stenciled this rug for my family room — only with thicker stripes!! It turned out SOOO good!! I’ll be sharing that soon. 

I thought it might be fun to make some pillows for my Kitchen Banquette with Royal Design Studio stencils and some white and patterned napkins I found at Target. {these are the Chain Link and Lattice Endless Circle Stencils}

Super easy!!
stenciled napkin pillows header
Here’s how to make them — 

Stenciled Napkin Pillows

stenciled napkin pillows collage
  1. The first thing I did was I mixed up some paint and Martha Stewart’s paint medium. This makes the paint softer and washable.
  2. Then I laid the napkin on my work surface and taped the Royal Design Studio – Chain Link Stencil and Endless Circles Stencil over the top with some painter’s tape.
  3. I used this really cool roller top that fits on top a container and it makes stenciling a breeze. It’s also from Martha Stewart’s new decorative paint line.
  4. Once it was painted, I laid the napkins out to dry.
  5. Then I sewed another napkin to the stenciled side and added a zipper.
So now I have some fun pillows that go with my new kitchen décor AND they were super easy to make!!
stenciled napkin pillows from the side
I love Royal Design Studio because they have amazing, modern design AND their stencils are made out of the highest quality materials and they have guide marks that make lining up the stencils on a wall a breeze.
three stenciled napkin pillows
Have a Fantastic Friday!!!

 PSDo you love Chevron as much as I do?? Check out the 22 Chevron DIY Ideas I shared on Babble’s New Home Ec today 🙂
PPSDid I say FRIDAY??? It’s my favorite day of the week. Why??? It’s almost time for the Weekend Wrap Up Party!! It’s YOUR time to show off what YOU have been doing. I love featuring YOU!!! The party starts at 6 pm MST.

See you then!!! 

Stenciled Circle Rug Tutorial {Spray Paint Project}

26 Aug

Have I ever mentioned that I have a slight obsession with the Disney Show “Good Luck Charlie”? 

I was sick last Spring and spent about 5 hours straight watching it in some sort of “Good Luck Charlie” marathon – lol! I adore the use of color in the “Good Luck Charlie” house!!

Like their turquoise couch! So fun. I developed a bit of a crush on the rug from that set. So I tracked it down and discovered that it is the Key Turquoise Rug from Suzanne Sharp – a famous rug designer and also several thousand dollars. Update — just requested the price list and yes, it’s $5,000 – yikes!!! I think I’m going to try to recreate this rug for my family room 🙂

And while I was obsessing about this rug, I fond another rug. Also by Suzanne Sharp and decided to try to recreate that — it’s the Sellarsbrook rug.

Here’s what I did: 

1. I used cheap rolls of shelf liner. 
2. I traced two sizes of plates onto the liner. 
3. I cut out the circles. 
4. I laid the circles on the rug and overlapped them, three rows.
5.Then I taped rows on top of the circles. And taped the edges up.
6. Then I spray painted the whole rug. 
I bought the rug from Ikea. It was $24.99. In retrospect, I should have rolled the paint on instead of spray painting. The rug has ridges, so it was hard to get the rug taped with the ridges, so some of the spray paint did get underneath the tape. If I had rolled it on, I think the edges would have been a little crisper. 
But overall I’m really pleased with the rug. It looks so pretty in my garden — with my striped yellow benchI love turquoise and yellow together!! 

So now my patio is extra colorful!!! 
and instead of the $3000 price tag — mine was under $40!!
Thanks for stopping by – I appreciate it!! 
Have a Fantastic Friday!! 


PS— This post is linked up with Beth!!

How to Install Decorative Doorknobs {Kitchen Sneak Peek}!!

25 Aug
I love my aqua-ish door, but I wanted a really cool doorknob to jazz it up a little. 

I looked at every hardware store and all I could find was Oil Rubbed Bronze, Nickle, Chrome or the ever-popular Brass {which I have all over my house}. I really wanted a crystal or ceramic knob. And I did find some crystal knobs but at over $100 per set, they were a little out of my price range.

Then the other day I was at Hobby Lobby and they had all of their knobs half off. I found a glass knob with an antique brass finish. It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but I liked the shape of the knob and the fact that it was glass. Plus, it ended up being about $10.

I have bought a few decorative knobs like this and they are not made to fit modern doors. It takes a little figuring out how to make these knobs work on a basic door. So I thought I’d share what I do to make them work on my doors.

  1. The first thing I did was I sprayed my knob with a metallic spray paint. I think it modernizes the knob a little and I like the way the silver makes the glass pop. 
  2. A really nifty trick I heard about was wrapping the knob in tin foil. And it works great. Much easier than taping it all off. 
  3. All sprayed.
  4. Once it was sprayed. I had to swap out the middle door knob spindle because the one that came with the knob was square, and my doors all have a circular mechanism.
  5. I also had to use a hacksaw to trim the ends of the spindle so that it was the right length.

The last thing I did was I found some long screws that fit inside of the holes on the side of the doorknob and go all the way through the outer doorknob casing, through the holes in the mechanism and then out the thread into the other side of the door knob. This holds the doorknob in place. I have tried attaching the door knob without these screws and eventually all of the door turning causes the doorknob to fall off.

Another thing that I did was I added some hooks to the back of my pantry door and attached a shoe organizer to it. It’s a great place to keep things like salt and pepper shakers, spices and things that the kids need to get out. That way they are not climbing all over the pantry shelves trying to find things.

And I was looking for a small frame to make a chalkboard and attach it to the outside of the door, when I discovered this FAB mirror turned chalkboard. My friend Sausha from Show and Tell had it for sale, so I snatched it up! {she has an awesome blog — and she’s going to be on the Nate Show!!}

I was hoping it would fit on the outside of my door, but it’s so big that I decided to hang it to the side of the door. I love having a chalkboard because it’s where we keep track of who is cooking which night of the week and what they are making — we use the  Food Nanny system. 

And check out these cute little turquoise knobs I found to go above my desk in the kitchen! I love them. I found them at Anthropologie.

  1. Create a Kitchen Focal Point– with beadboard
  2. Stenciled Pillows
  3. Stenciled Faux Roman Shades
  4. Island {haven’t blogged about that yet}

I am getting close to having the kitchen ready for the big reveal! 
Only a few more projects to go!! Here’s a little taste of what it looks like so far!

Have a SUPER Day!!! 

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And, I’m sharing 25 AWESOME DIY projects using Embroidery Hoops today over at The New Home Ec. You will be amazed at all of the projects you can make with these simple items!! 

"Summer Social" Guest Project — Make DIY Corbels out of Scrap Wood!!

8 Aug
Hey! I am Stacy from Not JUST A Housewife and I LOVE power tools!

I also love to make things out of nothing. 

I recently redecorated my hallway and I wanted to have an old corbel to use as a shelf. I knew that a vintage one would be super pricey so I looked online to see about a new one. They are anywhere between $60 to $300+!!!! Crazy huh? So I thought to myself, there must be a way to make one.

Here is how I did it:

  •  I got an old board from our garage. 
  • I free handed a design. It could be anything you want. You can find example online or dream up your own.
  • I used my jigsaw to cut out the design. (I heart my $20 jigsaw)

  • Then I repeated this step 4 more times so that I ended up with 5 of these. 
  • I labeled the first one with a one so that I could use that as the pattern every time. Cause you know, a copy of a copy just isn’t the same.
  • I used my brad nailer (nail gun) to attach them one by one.
  • I had a piece of molding left over from my kitchen redesign so I cut it at 45 degree angles. I also cut out a rectangle that they would be nailed to.
  • I cut out another rectangle piece that was slightly smaller that the top piece with the molding. It got nailed on first. Then the top piece got nailed to that.
Here it is all nailed together!
I puttied the nail holes and then sanded it smooth. Not too smooth though. I wanted it to look old.
I painted it this fun golden yellow and distressed it.
It makes a fun addition to my hallway and cost me nothing to make! Hey, who doesn’t like free???
Stacy – that is awesome. And I love the yellow color that you painted it too!!
Stacy is amazing with power tools and a paint brush, and such a creative DIYer. 
Check out these projects: 
I am in LOVE with her Outdoor Screen – those colors are fabulous!!
Have you seen Stacy’s Stenciled Ceiling?? Ahh-mazing. So pretty!
And if that wasn’t cool enough, she painted her kitchen ceiling too!
And, Stacy is featured in Better Homes and Gardens this month too. Congratulations!!! 
Be sure to stop by Not Just A Housewife and see all of Stacy’s DIY ideas!!

PS — I just got home from my trip last night, so a Giveaway Monday will be coming up later this week. Plus, more great tutorials. And tomorrow I am painting my kitchen. I am excited to update you on the Kitchen Remodel. It’s coming along great!!!

"Summer Social" Guest Project — Simple Outdoor Decorating {bring your inside style…out}!!

3 Aug
Hi!  Shelley here, from The House of Smiths!
I’m SUPER excited to be guest posting over here on the good ol’ TT&;J blog! Jen and I are really close friends, and to say that she has kept me “sane” through this crazy roller coaster known as “the blog world” would be a complete understatement. We’re a perfect compliment as friends. Jen’s the calm, cool, collected girl…and I’m the wound up crazy (get you into just a liiiiittle bit of trouble) party chick………believe me, it works. ha!

Anywho, today I’m going to be sharing just a few tips and tricks about outdoor decorating on a budget! If you know me, then you KNOW I love decorating, but when it comes to the outside I get a little hesitant. Not because I don’t LOVE the way the outside of a beautifully manicured home looks, but because I live in a place (Utah) where we go through all 4 season and Winter seems to be the loooongest!
This makes it hard for me to justify weekend after weekend of time spent on flower beds and lots of money put into expensive decor. Believe ME, those things are still on my wishlist, but until then… here are a few sure-fire, budget friendly ways to “spruce up” the exterior of your home, by bringing inspiration from the indoors, out!
First things first:
Get Cleaning.
You honestly don’t realize HOW dusty and dirty your lighting fixtures, shutters, and doors are, until you start cleaning them. Once you have everything wiped down you can even go back with a fresh coat of spray paint if needed, to really freshen things up for just a few dollars.
I’ll be honest, we only do this about twice a year, but it definitely gives ANY house (new or old) a quick face lift.
Because nobody wants caked on dust and cracked, half-peeled-off-by-a-kid vinyl, greeting their guests.
Gussy up the yard.

A quick, simple, and inexpensive way to really liven up ANY yard is to add some contrasting color, and greenery. For us, this meant some cheap black bark, on sale flower boxes and decorative shrubs. We picked ours up at our local Walmart, and about $150 bucks later, we had a beautifully rich looking flower bed and some cute full planter boxes to boot! 
NOTE: before putting down ANY kind of bark, rock, or other flower bed covering, make sure that you line your planter bed with some sort of weed barrier. You will thank me later
My last tip is probably my most favorite:
Make your porch inviting for
visitors, using decor!
We don’t have a very large porch on our home, so I knew I couldn’t go crazy, but I still wanted to bring the elements of a “comfy” welcoming atmosphere into my small space. So we purchased a discounted floor model IKEA bench, some pillows from Home Goods, a second hand Target wreath from Salvation Army, and a $14.00 rug from Walmart into our porch area, to make for a more “homey” feel for our guests!
All of the decor was about $75.00.
So the grand total on our “Outdoor Spruce-Up” was about… $225.00 smack-a-roos!
Not bad!
If you’re looking to doll-up the outside of YOUR home but not break the bank while doing it, then start with these few tips and you’ll definitely be on your way to a more beautifully inviting home exterior, too!
Happy Summer!
Shelley!! Your house looks so good. 
I love how you make things look so expensive on a tight budget. 
Shelley is one of my best friends in real life. We have so much fun together! 
She is the queen of the one-armed photo shot (I don’t know how she does it)…
She has so much style!! 
{yes, her house is gorgeous IRL!!}
{We had a great time painting Chevron Rugs together}
{She has an adorable family}
{Check out her new Tutorial Page — you will be amazed at all of her awesome projects!!!}
If you don’t know House of Smiths — run over there and be inspired!!! 

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!!
PS — We are in the car right now on our way to BlogHer. Shelley is driving and she’s made a playlist for your trip – ha!

Teresa Collins Stampmaker — Make your own Custom Stamps!! {tutorial and information on the giveaway}

1 Jul
Happy Friday!! 
I’d love to tell you about something really cool.

This was one of my favorite products I saw at the CHA show in February. 
You make custom stamps!!

{One of my goals this year is to share some of my favorite things. 
Here’s another one. 
More information on how to win a Stampmaker at the bottom of this post} 

If you are getting married, you can design a “save the date stamp”, you can make your own address stamps, or sweet would it be to make a stamp from your child’s artwork or handwriting? Or another cute idea would be to make a book plate stamp with your child’s name — the sky’s the limit!!! 

So when the the Stampmaker people contacted me and offered to send me a machine, I was so excited about the possibilities! I have just started to experiment with it, but seriously — it’s so easy to use.

The Stampmaker machine comes with artwork from Teresa Collins that is already done, as well as sheets that you can run through your ink jet printer and make your own stamps. 
I made a little plaque for my little puppy!  
She is the queen of the house, so I thought it was fitting to use the crown artwork that comes with the Stampmaker. 

Here’s a tutorial on how to use the Stampmaker: 

1. Plug the Stampmaker machine in. You need to let it warm up for a minute before you use it.

2. Open the Frame Clamps and insert one of the gel packs.

3. Then put your negative image artwork on top.

4. Shut the magnetic frame and put the frame inside the Stampmaker.

5. Leave it inside for THREE minutes — time it.

6. Take it out and cut the gel pack out of the plastic.

7. Scrub the excess gel off with soap and water.

8. Then put the stamp in the exposure tray and cover with a layer of water.

9. Put the tray inside the Stampmaker for TWO minutes. Time it.

10. Take it out and trim around the stamps. Then mount the stamps on the adhesive paper. Cut around that.

11. Mount the stamp on the acrylic stamp acrylic block.

Then use and enjoy! 

I also made my own stamp — the name of our puppy — TRIXIE. I designed the name in the software and then printed it off on the special negative film. You need to use an inkjet printer for this. Then I followed the rest of the steps to make the stamp.

I used Command hook to hang the little TRIXIE frame over her little dog bed. She loves it 🙂 

The possibilities are endless with this Stampmaker. Plus, check out the Photocentric blog where they have free image downloads so you can make even more stamps!! These are the free June downloads  — 
aren’t they cute?

And here are the free April downloads: 

I am so excited to use these stamps for some fun projects!!
And guess what??? 
Photocentric is giving a complete Teresa Collins Stampmaker kit away to a LUCKY Tatertots and Jello reader!!!  
Check back at the Weekend Wrap Up Party tonight where you can enter to win one of these fantastic machines. 
Here’s what it will come with: 

  • Stampmaker light unit
  • magnetic clamp
  • 5 x Large and 5 x Small
    stamp pacs
  • 2 x Emboss and 2 x Stencil pacs
  • acrylic block, small stamp
  • rubber mat for emboss and stencil making
  • wash brush, post
    exposure tray
  • CD with the easy to use imagepac artwork modifying
    program and many exclusive Teresa Collins designs (ready to print)
  • 2 x
    sheets of negative film for inkjet printers
  • 2 x 4" x 3" sheets of
    Stampmaker Cling (for mounting stamp to acrylic block)
  • 8 pre printed
    samples of exclusive Teresa Collins designed artwork negatives plus
    written and video instructions

 And here’s Stampmaker video tutorial:


PS — I am over at Sew Dang Cute today — sharing a Tube Top to Skirt refashion. Come on over and say hi!

PPSI can’t wait for tonight to see YOUR ideas!! I hope you will come link up to the Weekend Wrap Up Party — where I feature YOUR ideas!! The party starts at 6 pm MST.