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Guest Project – Make a "Remember Quote Box"

1 Sep
Hello everybody!  I’m Cheri from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar and I am thrilled to be posting on Tatertots and Jello today.  Jen is awesome. 

This is me and my boys. 

Today I’m sharing a super simple idea that will help you remember the good times.  Sometimes kids say the funniest things ever. 
I guess he had heard me talking about product reviews.  No, he doesn’t have a blog 🙂
I always think I’ll remember what they’ve said, but the truth is my memory isn’t what it used to be.  So, this simple “Remember” Quote Box will help with that.
You can make one too by finding an old recipe box and giving it a makeover.
Here’s what I did: 

My mom had a recipe box she wasn’t using, so I spraypainted it pale turquoise.  Then I added a little red vinyl to dress it up.
Next I traced some of the tabbed index cards to make my own new ones.
I bought 4 packs of blank index cards to fill the box.  It’s back to school time so you can find them for about 65 cents a pack.  I gave each child a tabbed section and now when they say something funny I can open the box, jot it down, and remember it forever.
The other day my newly four-year old piped up to tell me this.  In case you can’t read it, it says, “If you’re not good, Santa doesn’t bring you many presents.  Like, if you kill someone – that’s pretty bad.  Then you only get a yo-yo.”  What?  I’m honestly not sure where that came from, but it made me laugh pretty hard.
I wrote down the month, year, and the age he was up in the corner.  You could even fill up the cards with something that isn’t a quote, but something else you want to remember.  I always want to remember how my boys make me wait till they are at the garage door before I can open it.  That way they can pretend they are lifting it with their super strength.

A kind lady in my neighborhood told me she did something like this and now that her children have grown they love to pull out the box for fun and read through it together.
I think it’ll also be fun to pull out on those hard days when my boys are making me crazy.  It’s always nice to remember the good times 🙂

Thank you SO much for having me Jen!

Cheri – that is such a great idea!! 

Thanks so much for sharing it with us!!

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