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Happy Friday! Some Great information about the giveaways!

30 Apr

Do you want to make some cute flowers?
Oopsey Daisy has corralled THREE DOZEN flower tutorials 
over at her site. 
This is a great resource of flower tutorials all in one place. 
You should check it out!
And, more information about next week’s huge giveaways!!!!
Have you been over to It’s a wonderful resource  where you can buy all your home essentials and the shipping is always FREE, plus they have auto coupons you can use! Go check it out and see what you think!
Remember — This THURSDAY is the big day. 
It’s the Mother’s Day Extravaganza!!!!
I have even more giveaways lined up. It’s going to be so fun! Plus, the grand prizes that and BlogFrog are giving away!!! 
And guess what, you can start earning entries right now! All you have to do is go over to our BlogFrog communities and comment. 
And, your comments can bring people over to YOUR blogs too! You see, BlogFrog communities are all linked up. So someone can search for a specific thing like “Favorite Crafts” and any BlogFrog community that has a discussion about “Favorite Crafts” will pop up. So that person will come over and read your comment and they can come over to your blog that way. 
It’s a great way to increase YOUR traffic! So go over to any of our communities, join the communities and in the discussions OR start a topic that YOU are knowledgeable about! Each time you comment on one of the BlogFrog communities, you will be entered into the pot for the prizes! Mother’s Day Giveaway Extravaganza
We will have thousands of dollars worth of giveaways. Which means, you can win LOTS of great prizes, because there are so many things being given away.
All you have to do to enter them is checkout our communities, and the more comments you make and communities you visit, the higher chance of winning! 
 So start commenting and visiting now, 
because all comments count as entries!
Here are the Blog Frog Communities that are participating in the Mother’s Day Extravaganza Giveaways!! Check them out and earn entries:
And a reminder, The Weekend Wrap Up Party post is going up at 10 PM (MST) tonight (hopefully)!!