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If you see me on the street – just look the other way…

3 Jul

You know how I posted the other day about FitFlops? Well the overwhelming response was that they are a Fashion Don’t. I was at the mall in Seattle and saw these new shoes by Sketchers called Shape Ups. I know I am gullible, but I kept thinking about them, wondering if they really work. I looked online and found that there is a knock-off sold at Kmart called TheraShoe. They got rave reviews online! So I went over there this morning. Of course, my store was sold out of every pair. I finally tracked some down after calling 4 stores.

So instead of spending over $200 for MBT’s, or $100 for Sketchers, I scored a pair for $34.00. I tried them out tonight and they are so comfortable and bouncy. I can’t wait to take them out on the trail tomorrow.

If you see me – feel free to look the other way.
I also got 2 pair of their FitFlop knockoffs. They were on sale for $9.99!

Are you ready for the fourth? What are your plans?