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Happy Thanksgiving and the winner is……

25 Nov

Thank you everyone who entered the giveaway for the two La Dolce Vita necklaces. You guys are amazing and I wish I could pick each one of you!

The first number picked by the Random Number generator was Misty! She won the Team Edward necklace!
 The second number picked was Amanda. — she won the Team Jacob necklace! If you email me your addresses, I will make sure they get sent out to you!
And, I have an added bonus, I found these keychains at Nordstrom which they gave me for free when I told them about my New Moon giveaway. So I am passing them along to TEN of you: (numbers through the Random Number generator)
Also, if you would like to win one of my handmade Cookie Sheet Advent Calendars, the giveaway ends on Thanksgiving at midnight. And I will be having a giveaway every week until Christmas, so stay tuned!
This month has gone by in a flash! I have so much to be grateful for, and I loved the idea of posting one thing each day, but since time got away from me, I am going to post them all today.
My sweet kiddos
My patient, even-tempered hubby
Great friends
This blogging world – I have met so many wonderful friends through my blog. Thank you for being so awesome!
A mom who loves to shop and have “girl time”
In-laws who are always around when I need them.
Old friends, who keep my young!
Twilight, and now New Moon!
My cute puppy.
Talented, beautiful, sisters!
Sister-in-law who blogs and keeps me laughing.
Diet Coke
Mexican food
Mashed potatoes
Kindness from friends, family and strangers
Well, I’m off to make pies! 
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of good times, family, wonderful food and laughter!