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King of the House

15 Aug

I’m back from Idaho, where we had a wonderful time with my sister and her family and my mom. Other than the fact that we got lost on the way home and took a different freeway cross the state, rather than down, and I got a ticket! I was thinking that I should have taken a picture of the police officer — but at the time I was trying hard to sweet talk him out of a ticket — it didn’t work! Oh, well — that’s a different post. 🙂 LOL

My sister Wendy blogged about it on her site and she did a much better job than I ever could have, so check out the details at Now, for the event of the day:

I dedicate this post to my dearly beloved — Jeff, on this, his birthday. Happy birthday Jeff! There are many, many reasons why I fell in love with, and continue to love this wonderful man. I would like to share my “Top Ten” list with you.

10. He loves to grocery shop. If I give him a list, he goes to town –literally — and gets what I have on the list plus about ten of whatever else is on sale that he thinks we need.

9. He’s smart and a fast typer. He helps me with my church job by being my unofficial “secretary” and helping me do the paperwork in a very fast manner.

8. He makes a mean omelet. Every Sunday he makes omelets for lunch. Made to order and perfectly.

7. He’s romantic. I think we have the roles in the relationship switched. He spend weeks, if not months planning the perfect gift and then has it shipped to our house days in advance. I, on the other hand, am scrambling around the day of the even in a blind panic. (my gift I ordered last weekend still has not arrived — drat!)

6. He’s fun. He loves to play “Rock Band”, any sort of video (which the kids love), and scoot around on his “Buddy” scooter.

5. He carpools. Since he works at home half of the time, he has no problem working out his schedule to take kids to the orthodontist, guitar lesson, or practice of any sort. Oftentimes on same said scooter.

4. He’s even-tempered. Amid the crazy hormonal surges of 4 girls in the house, plus a female dog, he and my son are the only males around and sometimes it is probably hard to take the rantings and over-the-top theatrics that go on around here.

3. He love to go on dates. It’s hard with 4 kids to find any time for romance, but Jeff always has a plan for us to escape and be alone — even if it is only to Target.

2. He misses me when he is on trips. He calls me 3 or 4 times a day when he is gone to see how things are going and let me know he is thinking about me.

1. He loves me — even after 20 years of being together. Crazy, I know!!!

So, happy birthday to a wonderful, dad and husband!!!

I love You!