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More Paint Colors — Opinions?

3 Sep
Boy did I labor on Labor Day. I got my living room painted!

I thought I had a “before” picture somewhere, but these are the best I could find. It was painted a kind of dark brown/red before. So the blue-green color is a whole different look.

(random shot of my daughter at Easter — old paint color in background)

Also, I am still trying to decide on the paint color for most of the rest of my first floor. The painters are coming on Monday! It will be in the entire entryway, down the hall, up the stairs to the second floor and in the hall there, in the family room and kitchen. So, I really need to love it since the ceilings are so high that it probably won’t get painted again for a long, long time. I have two more paint samples for you to peruse…. I would love any feedback you can give me. Thanks so much and have a great day!!

(Here’s a shot of my front hallway down to my family room. All of which would be painted some sort of shade of brown. )