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Channeling my inner Fashionista: J Crew Project #1

11 Nov
I love to shop. I love clothes. Mostly I shop at Target because I love it,  and it’s inexpensive; but if I could have a shopping spree anywhere it would be a tie between Anthropologie and J Crew. Of course, with their prices, mostly what I do is dream and wait for big sales. I got my J Crew catalog the other day and wondered — could I redo something to make it look like something out of J Crew? My mind started spinning.
I went over to Target, got a plain black cardi for $19.99 and found some strange leggings which have a cool pattern and texture on clearance for $5.00. And I went to work.
First, I cut out the middle of the cardi. {I am going to save the buttons for another project.} I cut it all the way up to the back of the neck.
Then I took the leggings and started at one leg. I cut a 3 inch in width length of the legging all the way up to the crotch. The material is folded over so actually it is a 6 inch strip. I did the same thing on the other leg.
I pinned the material onto the edge of one side of the cardi — making ruffles as I went. {Now, you want the ruffles to lay toward your body, — so keep that in mind as you pin the material.}The material is folded over so with one stitch I could attach both sides of the legging strip onto the one side of the cardigan. This took a bit of time, but it was worth it to do it right the first time and not have to do it over again. Once the one side was done, I did the same thing to the other side of the cardigan.
Once the ruffles were attached, I took a length of ribbon and sewed the ribbon to the seam where the ruffle meets the edge of the cardigan. This helps the ruffles lay flatter toward your body.
 {my version}
And I was done. I think it’s a fun little sweater. And instead of being $99, I made it for $25. And, if you have an older sweater or one that has a stain on the front, you can make this project for practically nothing!
I am linking up to Kimba’s DIY Day — go over and see all of the fabulous projects!

Have a Happy Day!